Chris Gent

Chris Gent

Chris Gent, PLA, ASLA, is principal of Urban Landscape Collaborative, llc, an award-winning practice focusing on designing sustainable, community driven public spaces and residential landscapes for developers, park districts, municipalities and homeowners.

For over 20 years, Chris worked in the public sphere designing landscapes, managing projects and providing consulting services for the Chicago Park District, the Department of Cultural Affairs or other City of Chicago agencies. In 2012 he left public service to open his own office in order to focus more directly on the creation of sustainable landscapes and open, community-driven processes for public spaces.

A registered landscape architect, Chris received his Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from the University of Idaho. An active participant in his community, from 2012 – 2013 he served as president of the Illinois chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, from 2008 to 2012 he was co-chairman of the City of Chicago’s Streetscape Committee, and has served on numerous arts and culture boards. In large and small ways, Gent gives back to his community, supporting organizations that are involved in social justice, the elderly, and HIV/AIDS research, awareness,and prevention.

Not All Insurance Is Created Equal

Not All Insurance Is Created Equal

Insurance is a hot topic. With healthcare insurance debates raging in Congress and your social media feed it seems like a subject everyone should have an opinion on. There are important distinctions, however, in types of insurance, policies and even insurance companies. Insurance isn’t an offering that can be collapsed into one concept; just because it’s called insurance doesn’t mean it works the same way.

With healthcare insurance taking the lion’s share of our attention, I think it’s easy to assume all insurance adopts the same practices…particularly in raising rates at every opportunity. That simply isn’t the case as it applies to other types of insurance. Despite the requirement for car owners to hold a policy in some states, rates can even go down year to year for policy holders in low risk circumstances and environments.

But being a careful driver in regions that don’t see much hail isn’t the only way to strategize for better insurance rates. It could be something as simple as meeting with your agent twice a year to look at your policy and assess whether you’re maximizing your coverage for the best price, which is a service any insurance professional should willingly perform for his or her clients.

Another way to strategize is to look for unexpected opportunities in alternate policies. Country Financial offers medical coverage in their auto insurance policies that can offer more immediate benefits to their customers who suffer an automobile accident since there is no deductible to pay before coverage. That means in the event of an accident, you pay nothing out of pocket to get the care you need. Another interesting feature of their medical policy is that you could be struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian and still receive the same level of coverage if you opt for it in your plan.

The trick here is knowing what’s out there in insurance offerings and ways to leverage it for the most benefit. So trying to figure out what’s available and how it all works together yourself can be an impossible challenge whereas developing a relationship with a trusted insurance professional could be a great opportunity to address that challenge.

If you need an assessment of your current insurance policy or would like to develop an integrated insurance plan contact me for a free review of your current plan and methodologies to streamline your home and auto coverage

Tom Magarian, Law Offices of Thomas C. Magarian

Tom Magarian, Law Offices of Thomas C. Magarian

Tom has been the owner of The Law Offices of Thomas C. Magarian, PC for over 9 years, a full service real estate law firm, with expertise in litigation, landlord-tenant, and residential and commercial transactions. Tom’s #1 priority is making sure his clients get 100% satisfaction with their legal representation. He received his law degree from the University Of Illinois College Of Law, and did his undergraduate studies at Illinois Wesleyan University. Tom’s interests include guitar, golf, skiing, Chicago sports and the outdoors. He has been happily married to his wife Ramona for 7 years, and has 2 young sons.

Rico Tallud: @Properties

Rico Tallud: @Properties

As a born & raised Chicagoan, Rico has experienced many of the unique qualities that The City of Big Shoulders has to offer. From the unknown, quality eatery to the quirky factoids about this great city’s past, Rico has a penchant for expressing his love of Chicago to everyone he meets. He believes that every neighborhood has its charm….and he wants you to find those charms as well.

Rico has touched real estate in some shape or form throughout his career. As a Banker, he financed both residential and commercial properties for business owners. As an entrepreneur, he has built out several of his own commercial spaces & as a developer, he has an understanding of the complexities of construction, budgeting & marketing.

Most importantly, Rico doesn’t define success in dollars. Rather, he believes in the idea that ones quality of effort defines ones success. His drive comes from his eagerness to help people. The acquired knowledge throughout his lifetime is not self-serving. Instead, he feels best when his energy & talents are used to help others accomplish their goals & add happiness to their lives.

During his free time, Rico likes to create fond memories with his wife, two children & friends. Outdoor music festivals are a big contributor to those memories.

-Board Member, North Center Chamber of Commerce

Omar Ariza; Country Financial

Omar Ariza; Country Financial

Many people dream about how their lives will change in the years to come. Even though no one has a crystal ball to predict the future there are some things that are a real possibility, especially if you have a family – like weddings, college, and eventually retirement. Being prepared for these things can make a big difference, and protecting what you have today is important, too. Let’s get together to talk about your present needs and future plans!

Phone: 773-728-2957


Ross Krause; Edward Jones

Ross Krause; Edward Jones

I began my career with Edward Jones in March 2016 and assumed responsibility for the Evanston office three months later.

As an Edward Jones financial adviser, I believe it’s important to invest my time to understand what you’re working toward before you invest your money. Working closely with you, your CPA, attorney and other professionals, I can help determine the most appropriate financial strategy for you and your family. I can also help with your retirement savings so you have more options when you retire, regardless of what you decide to do.

I was born and raised in Wilmette and have always felt a deep connection with the local community and the city of Chicago. I am a member of the Evanston Chamber of Commerce, Evanston Kiwanis Club, Wilmette Rotary Club, and Lincoln Square LeTip group. These wonderful organizations allow me to serve my clients and community on a deeper level.

Before joining Edward Jones, I worked as an accountant in the Boston area, where I attended graduate school. I earned a dual master’s degree in business administration and accounting from Northeastern University and a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA.

There’s nothing more important to me than understanding what’s important to you. Whether you are an experienced investor or are just starting the planning process, I strive to see the big picture outside of my four walls.

I would like to help to provide the answers to your questions so you can make informed, financially sound decisions. Please contact me to discuss your situation and options.

Contact me on Linked In or by email

April 2018

Business Wins

Ross Krause

Halina Minkiewicz

  • Attended the Sweet Pea Studio open house on April 13 4-7pm representing Minki Photography and the Lincoln Square LeTip chapter.
  • Operated a pop up studio at Kaleidescope in Old Orchard for two weeks in April.

Cameron Marceau

  • Launched a new client site for CST Consulting Partners
  • Attended C2E2 and completed 20 short promotional interviews with artists and writers

Rico Tallud

  • Shared a story how he helped a client move from out of state to Chicago by finding her a new home based on consultation alone, delivering results from that conversation to moving day in less than a month.

Jackie Tokich

  • Completed a CTC closing on an FHA condo in 6 days.

Francisco Medina

  • Donated a banner to Horner Park little league baseball team.

Helping Each Other

  • Rico Tallud says about 70% of his business is aided by products and services of other LeTip members. He finds consistent synergy with Jackie Tokich, Tom Magarian and Omar Arizza and he frequently depends on their skill and expertise as a complete package to the service he provides.
  • Rico Tallud found Ross Krause a house in northern Chicagoland in less than a week
Cameron Marceau; Hand-Eye Media Inc.

Cameron Marceau; Hand-Eye Media Inc.

President of Hand-Eye Media Inc., providing graphic design, presentation design, web design. and social media insights since 2008. I believe everybody is telling a story whether it’s what their business can do for potential clients, a personal message they want to share or even an actual story, there are different ways of getting the message out and strategies to get that message to the audience who most needs to hear it. I’ve been helping people get heard whether corporate clients or someone on a personal adventure, I know how to build your presence online and then push your message out on numerous social media platforms as well as different media forms. Contact me if you want to build an online presence.